Brook Green

Project Details

We were called in during the renovation of this pretty and charming little house in Brook Green. The back garden was overgrown, shapeless and restricted so we decided to create strong and refreshing views all year-round as well as make it low maintenance. Six very large pleached Pear Trees (Pyrus Calleriana Chanticleer) were first brought in - through a narrow entrance - a challenging and memorable experience for all involved!

Topiary, evergreen Box mounds and a neatly shaped lawn were added and the combination now provides visual structure, rythm and dynamism throughout the year. This is softened with perennials and a rich mixture of climbers such as English roses, Clematis and Evergreen Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasmonoides), for flowers and fragrance. Repetition helps increase the feeling of space and thanks to careful planting, simple lines and delicate detailing, we have achieved a successful transformation. This small garden has finally become a delightful addition to the house.

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