Campden Hill

Project Details

This patio garden belongs to a Victorian building and is a perfect example of how to make things smart and simple. We decided to keep the structure smooth in order to highlight the contrast between the various materials, particularly the vibrant red bricks. The restful fountain offers an elegant focal point and distraction from the outside urban buzz.

We planted pleached Photinias to provide privacy. These are underplanted with hellebores, snowdrops, tulips, hydrangea and anemones which appear in succession during the year. Evergreen climbers and additional architectural plants, such as box balls and clipped laurels, adorn the space. The palette of colours was kept intentionally soft in order to complement the existing materials. Chic and comfortable garden furniture scattered around make this a serene and relaxing place to enjoy at all times. From sunny to shady areas, one just sits and lingers the day away...

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