Family Garden in Kew

This beautiful contemporary family garden creates a spacious, relaxing environment for entertainment and leisure.

Divided into three functional areas, the garden has a clean and crisp look combining sleek hardscaping with strategic tree planting and focal structures. Linked by a generous lawn space – essential for the football-mad boys of the family- the outdoors space exudes calm and a peaceful ambience.

A paved terrace with outdoor sofas provides comfortable seating and a sleek relaxation zone. Built on the same level as the internal floor of the house, the terrace creates continuity between interior and exterior spaces.  The yorkstone paving, with its soft tones and clean, smooth appearance, perfectly complements the furniture and the planting pockets for the multi-stemmed Osmanthus trees set within the paving.

The small trees, together with additional planting pockets, add interest to the terrace space and provide movement and an elegant, organic element to the terrace design as well as the house’s brick façade. Decorative pots likewise accent the area near the house.

The terrace creates an inviting outdoor living extension where the entire family can gather together and sink into the supple, plush sofas, amidst the Osmanthus trees, which give off a fragrant jasmine-like scent during summertime and bloom with delicate, white flowers. The terrace provides a seamless transition from the inside of the property to the garden, making it likelier for the family to use the outdoor space every day. Outdoor rooms are popular garden features and add to the appeal of the entire property as well as expressing the owners’ personality and taste.

The huge lawn comprising the middle section of the garden is edged with paved paths on the side, and ends in a low, curving yellow-stock, retaining brick wall playfully running along the width of the lawn and incorporating two steps. Two large apple trees punctuate this section, drawing the eye to the rear section of the garden. The lawn serves as an active play area for children.

A Western Red Cedar horizontal slatted trellis provides privacy for the garden and a backdrop and support for the pleached fruit trees, Malus “Evereste’ on either side of the garden.

The rear area is laid with artificial grass and features an bespoke contemporary playhouse/shed. With its sleek black paint, vertical wooden slatting and glass frontage, the outbuilding provides a sophisticated, contemporary element that completes the scheme and acts as a mirror to the garden. The front of the building features another seating area for the family to relax in.

Garden lighting transforms the character of the scheme at night, creating a cozy space for the family and dramatically illuminating parts of the garden. 

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