Kensington Orchard

The garden consisted of a venerable Pear tree towering over a clutter of overgrown shrubs, leaving  a relatively small space for usage. The owner wanted a transformation but left us 'carte blanche'. We used the Pear tree, which looked like the remnant of a forgotten orchard belonging to a neighbouring house, as our inspiration.

We planted 6 large pleached decorative apple trees (Malus Domestica 'Striped Beauty') to further the theme of the orchard and to emphasize the boundaries. This in turn put the generous size of the garden into effect. The  apple trees will be laden with endless bunches of beautiful very small apples - which one could confuse with red cherries - throughout the autumn and early winter.

A series of hand-carved oak posts give additional structure and rhythm to the garden and provide the wiring for the horizontal branches. With time, their colour with turn to a beautiful silvery grey.

The stepping stones seen throughout are softened by planting of sedum and this creates an interesting surface, half-way between country and urban. A new set of enlarged steps leads down to the basement area.

The planting palette is cream, pink and dark red (no mauves or blues!) and includes numerous perennials, roses and bulbs broken up by Buxus and other shrubs which provide form and structure. "

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