Ladbroke Square

Project Details

Although spacious and south facing, this garden in Kensington was unloved, unused and overtaken by dull shrubs and grass. We decided to create an elegant and dramatic space by pushing boundaries wherever possible and using bold lines and a strong architectural framework, which helped anchor the garden and link it to the house. The owner's art collection inspired us to order a beautiful sculpture by Nicola Hicks and position it as a focus point. It captivates the eye and the mind and encourages one to wander around the various areas of the garden. 

The central bed of soft round shapes (teucrium, cistus, box balls, thymus and hebe) is underplanted with delicate ivory tulips. When these die down, the white roses and scented climbing jasmine take over, followed by cream hydrangeas Anabelle on the side beds. The discreet pebble mosaics stand out gracefully against the smooth dark slabs. The whole scheme of carefully balancing the contrasts produces a magical and very harmonious result. 

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