Project Details

This lovely old farmhouse is tucked away amongst vineyards at the foot of la Montagne Sainte-Victoire, near Aix-en-Provence. When it was acquired by the current owners, the 20-acre site was barren, without structure or planting, apart from two large plane trees in front of the house. A source of much pride and absolute necessity, the beautiful and imposing water tank ("bassin") had been empty for several years as the natural springs and water channels had disappeared. The first thing we did was to find and reestablish those and the water tank was restored using traditional skills.

The design of the garden was conceived entirely in relation to the surrounding landscape and the traditional habitat. It led to a new driveway, the planting of 30 large umbrella pines around the house, offering shade and structure, dozens of tall, narrow cypress and many beds of scented flowering shrubs.In front of the house and just below the "bassin" but with a wonderful view, we created a small potager which supplies fruits, vegetables and flowers to the house. Further afield, we reestablished the farm's productive capacity by planting fields of mature olive trees and reinstalling the old pathways.

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