Roof Terrace in Notting Hill

Project Details

This terrace had such spectacular views that it was important to keep the design simple so that it would not infringe on the horizon. On one side it towered over the tree canopy of the adjacent communal gardens and opposite, the scenery offered galloping clouds and ever changing shades of the evening sky. The terrace is articulated around a conservatory which functions as a dining room. The aim was to extend this living space outside, dividing the terrace into two areas: one for summer dining and one for comfortable relaxation.

The ugly terracotta tiles were changed for a light cedar decking, and a group of very cozy sofa/day bed and armchairs was installed. Four large olive trees, two Apple trees and two Cherry trees were lifted by crane and planted in elegant and neat metal containers. They provide structure and year-long interest. The fruit trees are underplanted with cushion-shaped evergreen mounds, echoing the large box balls scattered around the terrace. Fragrant lavender surrounds the olive trees, attracting a ballet of butterflies in the summer, even 80ft above ground. Climbing roses, seasonal flowers and fire pits complete the scheme.

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