"Maitanne did two beautiful garden projects for us. First taming a slightly neglected and overgrown garden and creating a magic and relaxing space full of seasonal bloom. Second a complete garden transformation, which in less than 3 month looked absolutely spectacular and mature. We were very impressed with the work of professional garden building teams she engaged for projects and their ability to stick to schedules, but above all with the exquisite taste and harmony which are always present in Maitanne's gardens."

- V  Leyviman​

"Last year I employed Maïtanne Hunt to design the small garden in my new home as I had heard socially that she was very good. I previously used famous garden designers on other projects but they completely took over and I felt my garden was more of what they wanted than what was right for me.

Maïtanne really made me part of the process and totally "got"  the look that I wanted.  She took me to look at living walls, water features and plants to make sure I would be totally satisfied when the garden was completed. Maïtanne is passionate and a complete perfectionist. Under her supervision, the whole project was ,meticulously executed, within time and budget. I am absolutely thrilled with the result which has greatly enhanced my property. I would not hesitate to recommend her services."

- S. Gillespie, London W8

"Maïtanne Hunt agreed to design a Japanese garden for us, although this style was not her specialty. She quickly got up to speed on what was required and produced a enchanting result which frequently draws compliments. She carefully selected each plant/material and planned the various phases of the project, coordinating the multiple tasks, including the craning of a large tree over our house. When she came across something she was not sure about, she did not hesitate to source the right specialist to help and advise. She is efficient, reliable and a pleasure to work with."

C. Pridgeon, London W8 

"Maïtanne's ability to transform my previously unexceptional back garden into a stylish, elegant, and welcoming space was remarkable. she immediately perceived the ‘look and feel’ of garden I was after, and was able to present a range of different, creative options to achieve it. With little previous experience of garden design of my own, I completely relied on Maitanne and the time, commitment and patience shown by her and her team to deliver the end result I wanted was exemplary.

When one embarks on a new garden the choices are seemingly endless, but the energy and tenacity with which Maïtanne researched and sourced the right materials, the right finishes and the right craftsmen have produced a fabulous outcome."

M. Fosh, London W11

"When we asked Maïtanne Hunt to help us with our garden, she immediately understood what we wanted but also the limits of what could be done. Her imaginative design followed our taste and cleverly addressed the various issues of the garden, whilst accentuating its size. She was organized and very meticulous in all aspects, from the construction details to the choice of trees and plants.

No task was impossible and nothing seem to deter her; thanks to her perspicacity, she managed to squeeze through the house (and a narrow door) 6 large trees, something which none of us thought possible. Deadlines were respected and the whole scheme, perfectly executed by a great team, improved considerably our property and its value."

BDN, London W14

"I hired MHD in March 2015 to create a roof terrace in a landmark penthouse flat in Notting Hill, in a building designed by Walter Gropius & Maxwell Fry. I had fixed ideas of what I wanted but MHD persuaded me otherwise and I am delighted she did, as she has created a space that now marries together architecture, the views, sustainable planting, the style of interiors and above all how I wish to use the space. Her team were efficient and like her, easy to work with. Best of all, she is mindful of a client's budget and spends it wisely to deliver the project on time."

Z. Kamal, London, W11

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